How I Made A Signboard Design On A Wall For A Church - From Beginning To End

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Not usually a big fan of outdoor work but I wanted to try something new so I picked up this contract offer which a friend of mine referred me to.


My first and third mentors usually got lots of contracts from this kind of works but I never had much interest in it probably cause of the stress involved. I was more focused on the drawing and painting aspects.

Upon reviewing the work, the following day, I gave my client the estimated cost of the project. After agreeing with terms, I proceeded to getting the work done. The processes lasted for 5 good days.

Here's a list of materials I bought for the project:

  • White pain (Emultion)
  • Navy blue, Red, & Green oil paint
  • Cardboard paper (4)
  • Roller.
  • Scrapper.
  • Top bond.
  • Cement
  • Sampaper
  • Foam

The firsr step was to mix sand and cement along with water and mould this design you can see below. The cement needed to be sufficient so as to hold it intact with wall when pasted.


The next step was to take the measurements of area to paste the letters. I measured their lengths and widths. I also measured the circle, in and out.

White paint(Emultion) was used to paint the moulded portion all over after it was left to dry. This served as a background to the work.

I cut the papers to the required sizes - based on the measurements I did and gave a little boarder line.

The following day, I started writing the required letters/words. These were done manually and took a great deal of time. This process lasted for 2 days.


Thereafter, I started carving the letters out from the papers. This process is called stenciling. The cut portions are where I will drop my paint.



This circular one really gave me a knot to crack but I was still able to complete it that night.


The following day, I went to spot work on it.
The first step was to paste those stenciled papers and held them stiff with small masking tapes. You can see that below.


After that, I mounted on an iron stool and started dropping my paint using a small foam. This process is called dabbing.



Night feel on me while working on it but I proceeded. At this stage, I was left with some final touches. I have removed those papers and just left with last one. You can see from that photo how it looks now.



The following day, I came back to make a few adjustment. Like the beak of the dove and it's wings were increased. The second circle was added as well. Below is the final result.



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