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Hi dear @blessed-girl. I'm fine but my wife Elke calls me to go to bed rigt now. I have to follow her or clouds will appear. It's morning now in Germany, but I say good night to you. Will answer tomorrow…

Okay. Here's tomorrow right now: 9:30 am. It is the last day of the year .... I think that in Germany it is already the year 2021 ... I have been writing to you since 2020 hahaha.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Hi @blessed gitl. Hope you are fine too. A lot of people hate Blurt. Here is real innovation because of the involved company Tendermint. On other chains it is just quiet.

Hi @afrog, how are you?
Why are there so many attacks on blurt lately? is Beautiful. #blurtbot

Yes..... to the rescue. Glad it’s there.