My power up 4,000 Blurt. - Mi power up por 4.000 Blurt.

in blurt •  last month 

Greetings friends.

Saludos amigos,

Today I power up for 4000 blurt so now I have 138,699,687 Blurt power, that's great :)

Hoy hice power up por 4000 blurt por lo que ahora tengo 138.699,687 Blurt power, eso es genial :)


My Blurt power before power up, was 134,699.482.

Mi Blurt power antes del power up, era 134.699,482.


My blurt power after the power up.

Mi blurt power después del power up.


I encourage you to power up so that you progressively grow on our beautiful platform.

Los animo a que hagan power up para que vayan creciendo progresivamente en nuestra hermosa plataforma.


Have a great week, everyone!.

Tengan todos una excelente semana.

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hey nice, I'll also do the same in the future but currently, I don't have much more power.

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Eso es impresionante. Ver a otros como tú seguir creciendo aquí es edificante. Muestra la fe en el sistema, la fe en la comunidad. Preveo un día en el que esto sea tan común que el valor de los tokens crezca inmensamente. Y aquellos de nosotros que ayudamos a llevarlo a ese nivel de popularidad seremos recompensados con algo más que amistades, nuestro cuidado mutuo manifestará muchos niveles de bendición.

Me alegro de que hayas traído a tu hija a Blurt. Es otro ejemplo de tu fe en el proyecto. Mi única preocupación es que espero que ella no se deje influenciar por algunos de los comportamientos más narcisistas que se muestran en la etiqueta insta. He estado viendo más de eso en el nuevo feed que probablemente debería ser marcado como NSFW sin embargo no lo es. No estoy seguro de la solución, aparte de lo que he hecho y he comenzado a silenciar a aquellos cuyo contenido no es interesante u ofensivo para mí.

Gracias por vuestro trabajo e inversión continuos aquí en Blurt.

That's awesome. Watching others like yourself continue to grow here is edifying. It displays faith in the system, faith in the community. I envision a day where this is so commonplace that the tokens value will grow immensely. And those of us who helped bring it to that level of popularity will be rewarded in more than friendships, our caring for one another manifesting many levels of blessing.

I'm happy that you brought your daughter to Blurt. It is another example of your faith in the project. My only concern is I hope she doesn't get influenced by some of the more narcissistic behavior being displayed in the insta tag. I've been seeing more of it in the new feed that should probably be marked as NSFW yet isn't. I'm not sure of a workaround, other than what I've done and begun muting those whose content is either not interesting to offensive to me.

Thank you for your continued work and investment here at Blurt.

Amen, I have faith in blurt ... hopefully that great day will come soon for everyone :)

As for my daughter, I supervise her when she is on the platform. Thanks for worrying,

Have a great day, dear friend.

Honestly I do get intimidated when I see such enormous BP amounts, I wonder when I'll also have BP above 100k (this is my major pursuit on Blurt)

Great job, I really admire you 👍🏾

Continue as you are and you will be there one day too. Blessed-girl is a great example of what can be if one is willing to invest in this platform and those of us here. Her popularity and growth are a great example of what such action can bring in esteem from her peers (us) here. You are here with us in the formative stages of Blurt, and as the platform continues to grow the foundations you are building now will be strengthened to hold much return on your investment.

Just keep posting and commenting as you have here. This is an exciting adventure for all of us who can see what is possible here, and see that our success comes in the success of the others here. :)

Thanks @practicalthought, I always love reading from you
I really do respect your wisdom with words

Thank you very much, you can set a goal and power up every so often, maybe once a month or once every 15 days, and you will see that you will achieve a lot.

Happy day :)