How To Use blurtlink To Buy And Sell Blurt On Hive-Engine

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You can now buy and sell BLURT on hive-engine over at You can do all of this at just a 1% fee on depositing and withdrawals, with no trade fees involved at all. There are absolutely no minimum on deposits and a 100 BLURT minimum on withdrawals due to the cost of withdrawing.

How To Deposit

To deposit BLURT to blurtlink, just send your BLURT to blurtlink with the hive-engine account name as the memo. You can access your wallet here:

Wait a few seconds and the BLURT will be on your Hive-Engine account.

How to Withdraw

To withdraw BLURT from hive-engine, all you have to do is send the hive-engine BLURT to blurtlink with your blurt username in the memo. You can access hive-engine here:

There is a minimum of 100 BLURT to withdraw due to the fees on BLURT.


If you have any questions, support is in the official blurt discord under the blurtlink channel which you can join here:

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Excellent news for blurters!

Thanks. I took my liquid blurt to ionomy, just so I could see how the process worked. Seemed to do just fine.

Happy to see blurt specific content.

Finally we have gotten some positive news in blurt, this is a big step for this blockchain community.

That's really great information. thanks for the update

Great work!

Great tutorial to me.....

not working to deposit on Hive - transaction error

So tried this - it arrrived finally on the Hive-engine and I did withdraw following your guide @blurtlink - but Blurt gone, no Hive received in return.....

This is awesome to see community devs adding so much value with services like this.

Sent some blurt ten hours ago but nothing received

Very useful !!

Thanks a lot for the post this was really very helpful