My Actifit Report Card: July 25 2021

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Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Today was Pastor Carl’s last last day of being Senior Pastor for our church. He’s retiring but may still do some volunteer ministry. He’s been the pastor for the last 13+ years. Change will be inevitable with the new pastor. I’m sure it will all work out. Some won’t like the changes but it’s a learning curve for everyone. 😇

We came home and was waiting and hoping that the Amazon delivery for the washer latch would arrive. It did but later than anticipated. @silvertop made it a quick fix and the washer is back in action! My hero 😍😘


The entrance to Bear Hollow is looking fall-ish!

Another cloudless sky up at Towhee Ridge.

I’m tired tonight but won’t get to bed until towards midnight again 😔 Now, we need to decide tonight whether we are heading out early to Boulevard Park or to hike our normal trails but early as well. We’ll figure it out in a bit.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy your week ahead! 👣🐑😎☀️👍☕️😁😴
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