My Actifit Report Card: July 25 2021

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Happy, Happy Day!!🤗
Today was Carl our Pastor’s last day, he has decided to retire!
Before he was a Pastor, Carl lead climbing expeditions to the summit of Mt. Baker. His Father, who was also a Pastor guided climbing party’s to the top of our local active Volcano as well!
Like Father like Son Lol!🤣
I told Carl now you have plenty of time to climb, and I will join you at the top!☺️
“Carl, do you have a FitBit, let me tell you about @actifit…… you HODL Crypto?”😇

We wish him a very happy Retirement!🤗
He asked if anyone had a definition of “Retirement”?🤔
I said “ Carl, it’s Freedom!!!”
That was today’s morning!!
The Strawberry harvest has begun, and you can see stands like the one in the fourth photo, setting up alone roads.
A happy day……
The next photo is what Liz calls ….”Happy Cows!”☺️
If you look close, you can see a very large water irrigation gun. Today it was just shooting water on the pasture, sometimes it shoots liquid Cow manure!😳
Another good reason to live up in the foothills of the mountains LOL!😇
Soon the hot part of the day had passed, time for our Mountain hike!
A Happy day!!🤗
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😎
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