BLURT Witness Server is UP. Please vote @Yehey as one of your witness.

in blurt •  8 months ago 

My first server is BLURT Witness Server is UP.

  • BLURT Witness Server 01
  • (VPS-SE) 2GB RAM, 75G SSD, 4 cores, 100mbps

Next is to provide another website to promote BLURT to the world.

  • Website - URL/domain name website TBA.
  • Backup BLURT witness server to provide redundancy.

Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness. Thank you.

Visit scroll down till you see the form to vote. See example below to vote or set me as proxy.

Image source

Thank you for believing.

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Welcome to #BLURT, look forward to great things from you!

Thank you @megadrive. I'm excited to be part of this new community.

Congrats on the witness server 👊