$BAT breaking out rn

in blurtafrica •  last month 


Looking at my Blockfolio this morning over a cup of coffee can't help but notice $BAT doing it big, up over 35% last 24 hours. Now if only we could withdraw the BAT without the ridiculous fees. I've been clicking ads for years now, used to be able to sell BAT each month but not sure what the strategy is these days. Over the last three days BAT has made a low of 0.477 and a high of 0.805 and is currently trading right there at it's local top. Pump is happening as I write this post. My friend got me on the BRAVE browser a long time ago showing me how we could earn BAT just by clicking ads. Plus who really trying to support Google these days. I tried getting my friends into it, pitched them free monies just for clicking ads, what do you think they had to say?

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