My revelation on a myth that will remain within this Matrix ...

in blurtart •  2 months ago  (edited)


I've just got a revelation. I know it will sound weird to see this concept coming from a humble artist ...


I'll still adress the following phrases, on which we'll have some milli-seconds to debate ...

Is this a myth or it is something very true?

Is it just a game of words, or anagram, so to speak, the symbol behind the myth of Santa Claus?

It might have a meaning that might sound creepy for most of you after i'll uncover my revelation?

Could it be that Santa actually to mean Satan and Claus, actually as a pronunciation or anagram as well, to symbolize the Claws?

Maybe, there was a myth behind this symbol of Christmas which was packed through a weird manner and there was a Clause, for Satan to become a Santa with hidden Claws?

Food for thought :)

Meanwhile, just enjoy my #artwork i've created along with my children through #lego creativity.


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