Our new #movie and #soundtrack composed for an original theme #created - Meet our magic #blurtlego​ minifigures - Filius the Leprechaun, Hagrid and GandElf ...

in blurtart •  2 months ago 

Our new #stop #motion #blurtvideo it's here :)

I guess that some of you will enjoy it, since the footage of this movie was taken in a hurry by me and my children and the soundtrack also an original composition :)

Hope you'll enjoy the short movie :)

It's more than the average six seconds proved by science that the normal brain would hit the skip button, but i do hope people will enjoy this #creative moment :) in which we've invested some time ... actually more than six seconds :)

Much appreciated to every artist out there who will appreciate and will enjoy our #artwork :)

Ciao a tutti #blurtians! :)

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Wonderful. Shared on Twitter with 300 million people. #blurtlove

Magical. I subscribed to your YouTube Channel. Stopmotion movies are so much fun to watch. Tons of work right there. I know.

Tipped on Noise.Cash too.... https://noise.cash/n/blurt