Sculpting through my music or creating my music as a sculpture?

in blurtart •  2 months ago  (edited)

How many of you #blurtians are enjoying the awesome art form of sculpting in clay?

I've thought to share with you some of my latest sculptures in clay ...

Here's one of my latest #artworks which will represent an acorn clay house.


Maybe it looks like an alien or like an insect but soon i'll post the final result of my #artwork and you'll see its magic :)

Right now, i am just at this phase of modelling and sculpting in clay the actual sketch of it.


I do hope you'll enjoy my artistic adventure in this magical world of sculpting in clay.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of my latest uploads on #spotify and #emanate

Carpathian Ritual on #spotify

Carpathian Ritual on #emanate

Ciao a tutti!

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