Welcome to our acorn clay cottage ...

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Hello everyone #blurtters

Lng time since we haven't seen each other ... so to speak ... or maybe metaphorically speaking :)

I've thought that the art of sculpting/modeling in clay combined with #blurtlego would be something amazing.

Therefore, here's my latest #artwork finished and you'll meet my buddies from my magic world ...

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-07 at 23.50.05 (1).jpeg

Here they are, Mrs. Sprout and Filius the Elf :)

I mean, both are elves within my magical world :)

I know, that some of you remembered how my sketch of building this awesome acorn cottage made from clay, wood and stones have started ...


I guess that for some of you this would look like and alien insect made from clay :)

Even when it came to this phase, i think it started to look in a magical way and already could take you to my secret magical world ...

The door and the earthy colours already were telling me stories from the land of elves and leprechauns ...


I've used colours based on oil :)

It seems that these colours suits much better to give that organic look of every #artwok made of clay ...

This adventure of sculpting in clay, represents something awesome for me and my children as well, and the most important thing is that we can combine our #artworks and i can tell you these combinations between clay sculptures and #blurtlego are some unique ways of expression through our #art ...

Later, i'll write a new #blog with a totally new #creative moments ...

Stay tuned and you'll see something interesting :)

Meanwhile, here at our acorn cottage, sometimes we have visitors, such as Chip and Dale :)

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-07 at 23.50.04.jpeg

I know that they are very welcomed as well and they are feeling like Home, especially for the unique design of our cottage :)

Maybe some of you will already think to move somewhere in the woods and create such an awesome cottage where you could spend your amazing time ... which is precious :)

Now, i'll leave you and i'll be back in a few minutes with something interesting and unique, especially because it was composed by me and my children :)

Ciao a tutti, #blurtians!

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