My Watercolor Drawing of A Green Forest.

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Hi There.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are well and doing fine by the grace of Almighty Allah.

For quite some days I've been trying to draw something new. Something from my own mind, something that much of specific that no one can say that I re-draw their drawing or may have used the idea. But, it's been quite some days that I just can't get anything new.

Sometimes, I get some views in my mind but I can visualize them. And, sometimes even if I can visualize them, after completing the drawing or half completing, I use google image search to see that if there's any drawing available like this one. Sometimes they look like 70\80% same or sometimes if it doesn't look same, some artworks are created by a similar idea. One day, I got a little angry and I teared up those drawings.

But, while I was trying to make drawings of new & unique ideas, I was being irregular on hive because of the shortness of drawings. Though I was making drawings of monsters to join contests of splinterlands and some of them were unique, I needed to make something completely random and be my own creation. But, I also need to continue posting to keep my blog/profile updated.

And that's why I'm drawing some random drawings. They are mostly are drawings of the places I want to visit or similar to them. Like this one. A mud road in the middle of a forest. I always like to imagine things like this. That, I'm walking alone in the middle of a forest or in an open area completely surrounded by nature and silent. There'll be only the sound of birds singing and the sound of leaves of trees which happens because of the blowing of the wind. I can only imagine how beautiful that scenery/moment can be. And that's why I draw these images using my brush and colors. And, today's drawing is one of them.

I've used only watercolor to complete this drawing and I'm sharing my steps below. I hope that you're gonna like my work, though I personally think that the finishing wasn't that good. But, I'll do better next time.







I hope that you've liked my work. I'm totally open to comments, let me know how was my drawing. If you have any suggestions for me, please tell me in the comment section.

I'll be back again soon with another drawing of mine to share with you. Till then stay well and stay happy. Stay at home and weak mask if you need to go outside.

Thanks a lot for your precious time and afford.

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