It is very easy to draw a thatched rice house step by step....

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Hi friend's,
I am @rasel8. From #Bangladesh.

How is everyone? Hope everybody is well. Today I came up with another of my drawings. Today I have tried to show you how to easily draw a thatched house. I hope you like my drawing today. Let's see the drawing. I have tried to show you step by step.



  1. Paper.
  2. Pencils 2B and 10B.
  3. Rubber.
  4. Different color palette.

The first step-


First I drew a triangle to draw a room using a 2B pencil.

Step 2-


Then I drew another rectangle next to the triangle and finished drawing the house.

Step 3-


Then I made three spots on the bottom with rice. The middle is big. The right is a little smaller and the left is the smallest.

Step 4-


This time I put the heads of the three spots together. Then with a little fuck I made the dua of the house with the stain again.

Step 5-


Then I drew the doors and windows of the house.

Step 6-



After drawing the house, I started coloring. I first colored the house.

Step 7-



Then I painted the walls of the house step by step.

Step 8-


This time I used a 10B pencil to darken all the spots.

Step 9-


After darkening the stains, I again tried to use the 10B pencil to give the straw cane to the straw cane so that it would be understood that it is straw straw. Then I blackened the door, window and door with the pencil.


In this way, I have made it very easy step by step today. I have drawn a thatched house. I hope you all have understood very easily. Everyone will be fine - stay healthy.

Thanks everyone for watching my post.

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