W atercolor portrait.

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 Hello! Today is a portrait of a beauty.  Material: White Nights watercolor, canson watercolor paper  And I also wanted to write my impressions about the site site. 

When I  registered here a long time ago, I sent a welcome post to you. I was  warmly welcomed, I was very pleased. It seemed to me that everyone here  is so friendly, like one big family. But these were first impressions.  But a little later under my posts I began to receive not very good  comments. 

I don’t know what such a negative attitude towards me is  connected with. I don’t even know what controls you in order to write  such words to a person completely unknown to you. 

One thing I want to  ask is, where is your upbringing? I'm not here to swear with anyone, or  to figure out something. I will just ignore your comments. Of course, I  can’t say that I am pleased to read nasty things that you write to me,  but nevertheless, my “anyway” won, and I just won’t pay attention and  waste my time on you. 

If it’s more important for you to write all sorts  of nasty things to others than just being with your family, or doing  what you like, then please, you can write nasty things at least 24 hours  a day! I will not fall to your level! I am here to show you what I am  doing, I am interested to see what you are interested in. I came here to  share with you my experience, and take something useful from your  experience. 

No more!  I will be glad to your feedback, I have a good attitude to criticism, if it concerns creativity!  Everyone who doesn’t like my blog, because nothing holds you here!  

All I can do for you is wish good luck! And do better what you think I'm  doing bad!  All friendly and open for communication, I am very happy!  When I returned I did not expect that everyone here would be so  welcoming, I hope that this does not happen again the first time. At the  moment I like everything, I'm glad to share my work with you! 

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