Quest Rewards Of Splinterlands Game

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Hello dear fellows of Blurt community!

I am again here to share my todays splinterlands quest rewards with you.



Chain Spinners of the Order never show their faces. They were only recently released from Cloudgard Castle, where they were specially trained to hunt down and bring to justice all members of the rebellious sect known as Peacebringers. Their chains, which were ordained as a sacred weapon by the words of a High Priest’s recent vision, represent the wrath of Khymia when her people have failed her for too long. They are currently marching through the Khymerian villages searching everywhere and paying little regard to those who have lived there peacefully for generations. Peacebringer propaganda can already be found blowing in the wind that paints these enforcers not as Khymian or Human, but as heartless creatures of evil Dragon crafting.


  • 1 Common Card CHAIN SPINNER
  • 1 Alchemy Potion Charges

In my todays quest rewards you can see, I got again one alchemy potion charges, one common card CHAIN SPINNER and one rare card SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF from life splinter.

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