OOOOPS! Was that me or Blurt?

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I don't know what is going on these days... I am having more issues with Blurt lately.
I run the delegation rewards everyday but sometimes it gets stuck or fail to send BLURT.
Sometime it sends all the rewards but it doesn't want to post a report.
These things didn't happened to me that often but everyday is a different problem these days.

Anyway, the answer was Blurt which didn't want to do what I asked to do.
And then me, I run the daily reward again without checking everything 🙄
So today, some people got rewards twice.


Oh well, if you got lucky, it is a BONUS for being a good supporter.
But this will never happen again... or not 😉
I am not making any 💰💰💰 on Blurt and I am not expecting anything anyway so its alright y'all

Don't forget to like, subscribe, follow, retweet, comment, everything AND delegate 😆

Have a BLURT day!

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