Tasty Food on Weekend, Chinese & Indonesian!

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our weekend foodie experience. Like you know, if you read my articles, i went to the dermatologist on saturday. In the afternoon, i should ordered the chinese food we wanted cause the restaurant would closed at 5pm. The restaurant was quite far so we had to wait for almost an hour to get our food delivered.


As you could see above, after discount i paid 63,000 IDR or around 4.5 USD.

Here was our dinner on Saturday


We had it after a nap so the food was a bit cold :'
Mom's was stirred butter fried chicken with hainan ese rice and mine was the sour sweet fish with hainanese rice.

The taste


The chicken mom had was all in fillet which was unusual for this style of fried butter chicken. It had the savory flavour and a bit sweet. Besides the hainanese rice which already became harder, the chicken was tasty.


While mine, i loved how they fried the fish fillet with flour. It always had savory, tasty and the texture was soft. The sauce was also perfect cause it brought the sweet sour and a bit spicy from the sliced chilli they put. I really love this menu!

Next day, on Sunday afternoon, we ordered Indonesian authentic fried chicken and also an authentic Indonesian soup with rice through the app in a famous Indonesian Fried Chicken restaurant.


Looked even after the discount we paid 105,156 IDR or around 7.5 USD for our lunch plus rice.

It came around 20 minutes after we had ordered which was great. Here how our lunch looked like


The taste


The fried chicken they had had savory tasty flavour. It was soft, had crunchy fried (they called it kremesan) and so perfect. If you bought half you would get the head and neck of the chicken too. We loved their chicken.. it was so perfect and it was also served with the sweet spicy red chilli paste (sambal). A must tried Indonesian!


And we also ordered their authentic lodeh. It was actually a combination of several vegetables (eggplant, melinjo leaves, petai, etc) cooked in a coconut soup. It had sweet and a bit savory flavour. So authentic and delicious!

I invite you to try both tasty authentic chinese and indonesian food here in Jakarta, Indonesia
Business information

  1. Fajar Express - Angkasa Street Kemayoran
    open daily 9am-5pm
  2. Ayam Goreng Suharti - Menteng
    open daily 9am-9pm
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