It's Just Glorious To Use A New High Flux Dialyzer

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Today was the first week of the month that I am using my new high flux dialyzer. I couldn't explain the details of how good for a feeling when you use a new high flux dialyzer and I can just compare it to when you water fast for three days. But of course it is much better of a feeling when you are a normal healthy individual and water-fasted for three days because you will get hungry that the taste of food even its smell would get more intense.

My Nephrologist actually told my head nurse to change back my dialyzer to a low flux type because the head nurse is reporting to my doctor that I am getting a frequent blood pressure crashes.

The only solution the my Nephrologist is offering was to revert my dialyzer into a low flux, to slow the blood pump, and then put me into thrice a week dialysis session.

I just rejected the idea because I know and had experienced already the value of using a high flux dialyzer because it does clean better as it has bigger holes that larger molecule toxins could pass through easily while the low flux type of dialyzer doesn't have that feature.

I also do not want to go for dialysis three times per week even though I needed because it is just a hassle to go plus I am disturbing and bothering my parents time and effort as well with that idea.

Also my nurses have a low standard that they are following with the system they employ for us patients because of the slow blood pump. So we do not get the best blood cleaning that we needed which is why I am not getting hungry now after my session all because the dialysis process isn't enough to bring my sugar down and cause me to get hungry unlike before.

They are always blaming the blood pump so they are slowing it down and basically playing it safe so that the patient will just be barely with their heads sticking out from the water so to speak.

I am a victim of a low standard of healthcare system here in my country considering that I am being treated in a private hospital. That is why I am fighting for retaining use a high flux dialyzer so that at least it will compensate for the bad cleaning job for my blood at dialysis.

Thankfully my Nephrologist agreed quickly after I told her that I do not want to use the low flux type. What I just did was to readjust my dry weight and it turned out to be a good move because I am not getting the BP crashes anymore.

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