It's My Dialysis Day Again

in blurthealth •  last month 


I am hoping that I will not get any complications today for my dialysis because I want to get removed with extra fluids because I believe that I am full to the brim already. But my nurses are already fed-off from my usual complaint of having to call them because my BP goes down very often.

I will be using a new dialyzer as well today and because of that I will also take some Paracetamol as a prophylaxis from getting the chills because my nurses believe that we get the chills from using a new dialyzer.

I did managed to sleep today although it is disturbed by me getting to wake up once in a while maybe because of being so waterlogged already. It is just a tough situation as a dialysis with so many issues and complications that I have to deal with every passing day but I am hopeful that my life will change for the better soon.

I am just praying that I will be able to complete this session of mine because I needed to be removed with extra fluids. The weather is still relatively cool and it doesn't help me with my fluid management/control because I really have to perspire a lot for the sake of my well-being and not like this where I am just having a lot of trouble breathing.

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