My Blood Pressure Didn't Crash Again And I Am Happy

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This morning I had the worry of having my blood pressure plummeting down again because my BP reads 110 only at systolic. So I had the second thoughts of adjusting down on how much extra fluids that have to be removed because of the reason that I am easily filled-up with extra fluids.

I said what the heck I will just give it a go since I will be re-adjusting to only 200 mL down plus I will be eating a salty snack and drinking coffee not to mention the effects of 800 mg Caffeine that I took prior which is a factor in stabilizing my BP.

Thankfully my blood pressure cooperated and my heart really sustained a good pump all throughout the treatment. In fact my BP remained stable, it didn't go up nor go down to less than the pre-treatment BP of 110. So I went home with 110 BP and I thought that my nurses would hold me because of that BP where normally they would just let me go if my BP goes up to 120.

But the snack that I ate is really salty, I really do not like to eat such junk food because the taste is hellishly salty. It is as salty as "Lays" which is actually good because it made my BP stable with combination of coffee which I do not enjoyed drinking because it is quite hot to be drinking while I am laid back to the dialysis chair.

Now I have an idea on how much fluids that I will target to remove which is about 100 mL or so less than my "Fluid" weight gain and I will just continue with that system as well as eating a salty snack and drinking coffee just for the sake of completing my dialysis session.

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