My Actifit Report Card: March 2 2021

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Hi everybody and thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday’s are usually ladies Bible study and was where I thought I was headed this morning. Unfortunately, our hot water heat pump had other ideas. We installed a stand alone hot water heat pump unit I’m thinking in 2008. It uses a regular water heater as a storage unit, but runs water through the heat pump unit that is completely separate from the tank. Last night after we’d gone to bed, I noticed it sounded funny, so I got up to investigate. I discovered the fan in the unit not working. It was seriously late so we turned it off and went back to bed figuring we’d see about it and hope maybe we’d had a brown out that could have caused the issue. No such luck. The fan was toast. Fortunately, we could turn the breaker on in the electrical panel and fire up the brand new, but 13 years old, hot water heater. It didn’t kick on!🙀 I think we tested it back in 2008 to see if it worked but never used it as anything other than a storage tank for the hot water the heat pump produced. After working on the thermostat, it kicked in! Whew! Hot water-too late to get the shower and head to Bible study. I have not missed having to pay the utility company for the electric that a hot water heater consumes. On average, they use 11-14 KW per day. Our heat pump unit used 2.75 KW per day! Quite a bit less!

On to other plumbing issues as we’ve got a bit of a clog somewhere that’s causing gurgling noises when water drains elsewhere in the house. A trip to Home Depot to work on that issue!

Consequently,no big hike today. Just a late evening hike up to the trailhead and back.


Needless to say, @actifit-lamb and company didn’t get out today. However as usual, she’s yelling as the herd runs through the house to get those hooves movin’! She’s quite comical when she yells as she runs.

Monster Kitty! 🙀🙀🙀

That’s gonna be it for now. Tomorrow is my ‘Monday’ at work. I’m sure we are going to be busy! Take care and have a good night! 👣🐑☕️😊🍀😎😴
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