Is Covid-19 a Hoax?

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Well, a few days back I was at s wedding and I was the only one wearing a mask.

Today I was invited to a Urdu poetry book launch and I was happy that there were at least 10 people who were wearing a mask.


There were at least 200 people in the hall and only a handful of them were wearing a mask.

I sometimes question if Corona is real or is it just a hoax?

Lately I have been talking to a lot of people about Covid-19 and what they think about it. To be honest 50% people think it is a hoax and they do not believe that COVID is real.

But then none of them have any scientific proof all they have is he said she said type of rumours.

I have talked with a few doctors and they say that it is real.

So, I have come to you guys to know what you think about Covid-19.

Is it real or is it fake?

Let's start some conversation!

Imran Soudagar

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Please read this:

There is more to come - much more.

eg read this too:
(assuming it hasn't been deleted)

"Doctors" are making a lot of money from this plandemic - what would you tell people, if you were one of them? Those who speak the truth are gagged and deplatformed and silenced and potentially lose their jobs.

There may be a virus but is likely not new - I say may as so many research papers insist on using lab-created samples, so what is out in the wild may be different to what they claim on paper.

The main scam is the use of a fake PCR "test", faked death certificates to increase mortality rates and the totalitarian gov responses that are scaring people into being ill.

Testing "PCR positive" does NOT mean you have "the virus". Don't Panic!

Follow the trail of papers - there will be more.

👌 Covid has perished on earth.