Hibiscus tea beverages, a richly herbal tea

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This is not a mineral or chapman, no form of any chemical components or gas.

'Zobo' known as hibiscus tea is gotten from hibiscus tea flowers

The picture above showing the fresh hibiscus tea flower, in one of my recent post here i talked about the health benefits of the hibiscus tea flowers and the challenges am faced with the pests constantly attacking my flowers.
There is no doubt that hibiscus tea flower is super rich and one of the ways one can utilize its full nutrients is by making juice from it and mix with some other rich herbs like ginger and others.

In this post i will explain how hibiscus tea known as 'zobo' in Nigeria is being prepared without adding any compounds or components that can harm the body.

  • the importance of this beverage goes a long way if prepared adequately and with right ingredients, the hibiscus tea is good for the kidney & liver, its an antioxidant, helps regulate the blood pressure, promotes weights loss and contain some components to fight cancer, its flavour is unique and easy to make. It should however be taken moderately.

To make zobo we make use of dried hibiscus tea flower and not the fresh one, meaning once you pluck the flower, you sun dry it for some days, it must be thoroughly dried and the flowers as seen above is reddish in colour.

Another ingredients am making use of is the ginger, this time am using fresh ginger well blended, we all know how important is the ginger and also to add some spice to the beverage, for me i love gingers in my food or drinks, it helps burn calories.


Am using the bark of pineapple as a flavour, some people make use of processed flavour, but as for me, everything am preparing is pure natural, so adding pineapple to add that special flavour.


So this is the preparations, the dried hibiscus tea flower, together with the blended ginger and the pineapple is boiled in a container adding little or more water depending on the quantity one desires. They are thoroughly boiled for hours to extract the nutrients from these herbs and it will be reddish.

After boiling, one needs to sieve so that the particles especially the hibiscus tea flower thats not dissolved is removed, then the 'zobo' is ready, for those that want to add sugar they can do that. Allowed to be cool, usually i put in my freezer to cold, this is a way one can enjoy the drink.

Simple right? I hope someone will try this out and anyone that has tasted it can share the experience with me

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