Traveling : In which there is a lot to see

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Hello friends, I am enjoying my journey. I continue with my journey. Because we get to see and learn a lot. I have just started. But my experience is very less. But I am learning in the middle. I leave the house. And continue with my walk. I meet my big brother on the way. He is cutting grass for his animals. Because nowadays it is raining more. Therefore, it is advisable to cut the grass only during time Because it retains moisture. Grass gets spoiled in rainy season. He always uses the bait correctly.


I continue with my journey. Then on the way I see a tractor. He is coming from his tractor. It is just a short distance away from our house. He just got a new tractor. Then I stop them. And I ask How much is the tractor taken? He says that Rs 5.75 lakh has come. I said the price is high. But how does it work? He has said that he works very fast in the farm. Its strength is from the old tractor. And also takes less oil. It gets my work done quickly. I have asked why you have brought green color. Let me say he only had three color on him. One was red, the other yellow. That's why this color looks great.


Then I move on. My uncle is coming on cycle. He is bringing fodder for his cattle. I feel. that it is late. Then I say hello to uncle. He also hello me. And goes on. I am back on my rough road again. After sometime I am going to reach the farm.


Very sad to see this. The brother was growing the crop with full hard work. It has fallen due to rain. But brother's concern has increased. Because the sugarcane crop is yet to be tied. Monsoon is just a week. So it is important to take care of the crop. I have seen brother is inside the farm. He is tying the crop. Because only a few crops have fallen. But the rest of the crop is still standing. So it has to be tied on time. I also sit and watch. Because I have also been getting to learn.


After sometime I leave the farm for home. It takes me about 20 minutes to get home. Then on the way I see some people coming. It's too late. He's leaving in his buggy. There is manure in the buggy. He is taking it to his farm. Then I move on. I have seen that every person is busy with his work. Because that's not how success comes. He gets by with hard work.


I hope you like them,
Enjoy your Thursday. It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the farm.
Have a Nice Day.

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