New Guidelines in Various States as Covid-19 Cases Rises again.

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Last year the entire world came across the virus known as Corona Virus or what we call Covid-19.

Since then the entire world is being worried and trying to fight the virus that created a pandemic Situation throughout the world.

India is a country that ranks at number 2 when it comes to population after China.
There was a nation wide lockdown in majority of the countries to handle this pandemic situation.

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Well This lockdown thing came to an end in India after many phases and as lockdown wall pulled off , people started to become more careless than before.

Recently many states including the capital of the country Delhi noted the highest number of cases per day.

Also stated like Gujarat , Rajasthan , Mumbai etc also experienced that the condition was again getting back to worse.

So here are some new rules that you must follow in order to be safe from Covid-19 as well as the fine.

Yes you heard it right , In delhi if you visit a public place without a mask you will have to pay 2000 rupees that was earlier 500 rupees.

People at the places of gathering just not exceed more than fifty people per gathering that too with all the preventive measures.

In Mumbai all the schools from class 1 to 8 will remain close until 31st December 2020 and only students from class 9-12 will be allowed to visit the school that too for doubts.

Gujarat has also announced the curfew of 57 hours where only Milkmen and medicine shops will be allowed to be open.

many states will also follow the curfew from 9 pm to 6 am until the situation is back to normal.

Well in this tough time , I can just ask everyone to be safe and take care of themselves.
Specially of the elder people in your house , take better care of them.

Thank You.

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