How is your crypto journey mentally going?

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Boom, more blood in the streets today. China FUD and the miners shutting down today to move to the US mainland to redeem their business seems to be dominating the vibe of the vibe. And with that vibe, there is the price as well. Alts are doing even worse and I guess it is hurting for a lot of people today, turning off their computers and just running.

How are you dealing with that stress of your money being drained? Or is your wallet balanced out nicely and are you doing oke? Let's talk sentiment!


Todays touching of Bitcoins pricing is about the same as the big crash and burn from half way May. Do you feel better about it today, or did you back then when you thought it was just a dip.

And maybe the most important question about this is. Did you take out some profits, or is the bleeding just a continuation from how the bleeding was over the last month.

With the crash of last month I had no intention of thinking that BTC would be up in a matter of weeks again. Building is a long terms process for these kinds of things. And I have time. That makes it different mentally. I didn't buy on the bull run top in April. I bought a couple of winters back when everybody was scared. And that saved the vibe.

Does this mean that I spent a lot money? Not at all actually. I bought stuff cheap and also bought with crypto generated by myself, by gaming, by staking, by writing. Earned crypto. And that is a lot different than when you decided to buy crypto versus buying a bread. This is just effort which is lost, I didn't eat less. So I am okay with what is happening now.

'Ow my god the hashrate of BTC dropped a ton, and now all the miners are bailing'

Is this? Because it seems that the hasrate is the same as around March/April 2020. Yes when the covid crisis hit. But we all know what came afterwards, months of happy joy joy. And these miners...To me it seems like the process is moving to a different location, not being shut down. Sentiment is what you wat to see and read.

So sentiment. BTC price is now the same as in December 2020. This really isn't that long ago. And then we knew it was going up so that was easy to think about. But this will go up again as well. Is this the end of the bull? I don't know. But there will be next ones, and I will just easily wait for that one again.

In the mean time we do what we always did. Gaming, staking and writing for income. And balancing out the wallet between stables and gambles. You can't have all winners right. As long as you still sleep well you are not overexposed. Mental sanity is everything.

Don't let it get you dudes!

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I’m doing great thanks to Blurt.