New Beers and countries in Cryptobrewmaster

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The boys of are making no jokes in what way they are heading with their Beer game. Finetuning features, adding more beers, and adding more options. Nothing can be said about the determination of these guys.

This weeks add: New Beers!


After the already known European Lager and the Bella-wheat IPA already the American Lager was added a while ago. And now two more beers have been added which I immediatly needed to try ofcourse. The Regular Pilsner and the Californian Common are the two new shiners on the stage.


The Regular Pilsner needs nothing special ingredients wise apart from the stuff you can already do in your dailt quests, so everyone has an option to brew some of these.

The Californian Common needs some 6 row barley malt in there, which means you either have to get this off of the market, or you have to grow it in your grain fields and get it through the barn house which is a little bit more of a hassle, but not undoable.


Selling them gives a decent price for now I must say. For this good quality beer there is a lot more value in there than for example for the regular pilsner version. I would say that is a win to diversify the market a bit.



Now the next hing I have noticed is something is going on with countries in this game. As you can see in the picture here all of a sudden a bag of Wheat Malt turned into a bag of Ukranian Wheat Malt which is kind of interesting.

Will this be the difference per ingredient on the price and quality defined by where they come from and if this is rare or not?


And there comes the second clue that would support that thought going on. In the town hall all of a sudden there is an option on getting your nationality in there. I guess this would define when you sell your ingredients where they are coming from, which is actually kind of cool.

The downside from this, and why I did not do this is that it costed 100 ASH which curreny in Hive Engine is around 60 HIVE. That sounds a bit like a too expensive experiments for me is you ask me, although I do understand the thoughts behind this.

Cryptobrewmaster believes in the idea of making in game stuff as realistic as possible. So if you want to upgrade your brewing gear, it doesn't only cost you time but also CBM (the ingame currency). And that is what I would have liked in this as well. Keep it in the in game currency in stead of needing to buy something in the hive-engine. It would be nice is this was optional, but not the only possible option. But that is just my two cents!

Apart from that it is cool to see the updates flowing in and the game grow and grow. is still working on it, which hopefully pay off during the upcoming weeks again

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