The next experiment, medical taping for hayfever

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No post about having hayfever and allergies in the Spring time ever became a happy joy joy post. This one is also not likely to be one haha, the hayfever still is an issue. Will this year experiment be the one to change this?


In Holland alone about 20% of all because have hayfever complaints. Let it sink in that this is about 7 million people in this country alone who are sneezing their butt off, and still there is no the cure for this.

At this moment I am working 3 different pills ( a blend of medication I would call it haha) and three different types of nose spray to supress the complaints. This year is bad! It was a rainy Spring, and all of a sudden after this the weather turned good and everything started to grow like crazy.

Hello Pollen. Nice not seeing you again.

Over the years I have as said I have tried different things with using accupuncture last year, starting already mid winter with this to boost the immuunsystem as the most invasive one. Because that is what hayfever is. It is like a rant of your immuunsystem causing you to react super heavily to pollen from the sky, as if it was an allergy. Calm down you histamine production, and you should be fine.

Did the accupuncture work? It did, until the pollen peak was too big and it still broke through. My accupuncturist is a friend of mine and she literally said 'hmm, but this should have done the trick' Shit. Back to the drawing table.


Now I was hearing good stories about this medical taping around hayfever complaints. You have to understand that your immunsystem is going on a rampage. A lot of the outflow of the lymphetic system is located next to the thoracic spine. What the idea is of this medical taping is by kinesiology (which means movement) stimulating the outflow of the lymphetic system.

So this tape is taped on the 'ill' spot. By normally moving friction between the skin and the lower lying fascia starts, enhancing the outflow from the lymphectic system, leaving the secretion of this fluid to leave the body faster. A whole lot of theory, but will it work?

I know a lot of people are benefitting from this treatment to hayfever, and I must say.I am kind of sceptic on my behalf. Not because of the treatment, the treatment is solid. But because the accupuncture from last year also works on the same issue with the outflow of energy, and this ended up not doing the trick enough.

But I have been taped now for a couple of days and still slept like shit and look like the girl down here


I really have hope that this will surpress the symptoms, or at least I am having my fingers crossed. I will let yall know the outcome for sure, and other wise you will either see a post of me again next year of what I am trying then again. Or I will hibernate in a place without pollen for about six weeks, that is also an option ;)))

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