How to stay positive mentally during Pandemic Situation

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COVID19 brought drastic changes in our normal life, it just created a barrier and many of us give life a fresh start. After lockdown, many people go back to their regular life but still, everything is uncertain. No matter how much we try to forget about the coronavirus, somehow we come to know about it because now it's a part of our life. Many countries gave lockdown, many go back to self-quarantine or isolated life, many started working from home. People are fighting and trying to find a solution to survival.

Not only many people are financially broken but also many broke down mentally. Some lost their dearest one as well and still trying to adjust to the reality of life. I can't imagine how hard it is for those who lost their loved ones. Or I guess the entire situation is beyond my imagination.

But still, we are fighting and hoping for better days. We are trying to stay safe and encourage ourselves every single day...


Self-isolated or self-quarantine is not so easy. Somehow I feel if you are not attacked by COVID19, you are mentally affected by the coronavirus. How? Staying at home, maintaining social distances, wearing a mask is a kind of barrier which we are not used to. We are learning to adjust to the facts somehow by pushing ourselves. And slowly staying alone can cause a mental illness that you will never know. People hate boredom and stuck in a confined area might cause a mental issue.

So it's really very important to bring some changes which living in quarantine or isolated life. Working from home helps a lot but not always, somehow boredom gasps you and you will feel restless. You will want to see your friends or just want to break the invisible cage. You want to be free... Mental illness is something that is hard to figure out and the worst part is you will never know about it.

So, whenever you feel that you are having a hard time, try to divert your energy into something else. Maybe you can read a book or watch a movie. Try to entertain yourself so that your brain can take a break. Just relax or go out for a walk where nobody is around. Obviously, there are rules but at least you can try by following the rules.

Of course, many of us financially broken and it causes issues a lot, it creates a great impact on our lives too. Especially those who are jobless, they become easily frustrated. So, it's better to focus on some online courses which are cheap and easy to learn something new. Perhaps, developing new skills, learning software, or doing creative work might help a lot.


I know not everyone's thinking level or capability is the same, every individual is different. So, I would say do something that makes you happy and stay away from frustration. Stay away from negativity and encourage yourself to do something productive. On the other hand, just work, and focus on yourself, take care of your family...

Always think one thing, maybe someone is having the worst situation than yours but still, they are positive and smiling...




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এই করোনা ভাইরাস আমার জন্য অন্যান্য দিকে যতটা না ক্ষতি করেছে তার থেকে অনেক বেশি কষ্ট দিয়েছে মানসিক দিক থেকে।গত বছরের নভেম্বর এ একটা সমস্যার জন্য আমি প্রথম একজন মেন্টর এর যায়। সেখান থেকে একজন বিশেষজ্ঞ সাইকিয়াট্রিস্ট এর কাছে। আমার অবস্থা যখনি একটু ভাল হতে শুরু করেছিল তখন ই পড়লাম লক ডাউনে। মানসিক ভাবে কি পরিমান বিপর্যস্ত হয়ে গিয়েছিলাম বলে বোঝাতে পারবোনা। আালহামদুলিল্লাহ, আমার আশেপাশের মানুষ আমাকে খুব ভাল সাপোর্ট দিয়েছিল। আমার বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের একজন শিক্ষক এর অবদান আমি ভুলতে পারবোনা কখনোই, এই ব্যাপারে। যাই হোক যে কেউ এমন সমস্যায় পড়লে নিজেকে পৃথক করে রাখবেন না। সেটা করলে আরো রড় প্রবলেম হতে পারে। এই সময়ে মানুষের সাথে আরো বেশি করে মিশুন। পরিবারের সবাইকে আরো বেশি সময় দিন। ইন শা আল্লাহ, আল্লাহ আমাদের সবাইকে শান্তিতে রাখবেন।

somossa express korata onk joruri tachara family life e sob kisute onk important role play kore. Onk manush e family r sthe onk kisu share krte chaina and depression e chole jai. Manusher ase pase asolei karap situation gulote thaka uchit...

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