My Actifit Report Card: April 7 2021

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Silvertop you are so Busted!!😳

My good friend @silversaver888 was asking if I had “picked “ up any more Peeps on my @actifit hike.....Let me tell you how today started.
Today was a strange day......
I woke up this morning, and Liz said “The power is out!!”
We usually don’t notice when the power goes out, because we are solar powered.😇
Only our water well is grid tied, so we always store emergency water.
We use this Zodi Hot Camp Shower that is propane heated instant hot water.
It works fantastic!😊
So the power was off all day.....
The solar batteries were charged up to 100 percent, just a normal day...except for the hot water camp shower this morning!😇
Then a morning trying to figure out how to claim my Cosmos Atom rewards.....
I didn’t have enough liquid Atom’s, and the Crypto markets were down, so I went to Binance and bought some Atom and some BNB tokens on the cheep!😊
Guys always HODL some liquid for transaction fees!😅
The rain was coming down lightly by the time I started my hike, that’s OK Silvertop is hiking!
I started to pass the Library with the goodies.......
I decided to take a photo of the blue Peeps for today’s post.
As I held my IPhone up to take a photo Joan was driving up the road ....and I was standing in her driveway with the “Goods” in my hand!😁
“Silvertop......I am glad someone is taking the Peeps!”
Yes..... ....People must like these treats Joan, it looks like most of the Peeps are gone.😇

Hiking fuel my friend’s 😂
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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