Blurtlink service is ONLINE.

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Hello Blurtians.

The @blurtlink service is up and processing all pending transactions.
Completed the first 2 days, and the gateway is still processing the next four days (backlog).
To check current status, please visit this link.

Hopefully, all pending transactions will be completed very soon.

Everyone is so excited about this news and happy to see Blurt in action again.

If the @blurtlink service misses your deposit or withdraw, please post it here so I can check it right away.


  • Completed processing the last 4 days backlog.
  • Processing the last 4 hours, then we all sync up.


  • All transactions are completed. Back to normal operations.

Thank you so much,

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we are finally back stronger. happy new year @yehey.

Happy New Year.

Awesome work. Blurt is ready to fly now....

Almost done with all the pending orders. Yes, we are back in business.

That is cool and therefore I have some metal muisc and the #metalweekend for all the fans of B!#RT

\m/ greetz @detlev

blurt on. Thank you for stopping by.

really miss to Blurt thanks now its working.

That's a Great work.

You're welcome.


Ahora si.

Thank you for checking in.

Kudos for your efforts. We owe you a lot

Thank you for your work.
Without blurt it was sad even! And thank you for correcting the power of voice :-)

Please can you check it:
Transaction ID:
Thank you very much!

Congratulations for the work developed for the benefit of the community @yehey.