Inspiring Encrypted Poem - Music composition for a Sunday afternoon ...

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Even if the Halloween have passed by so fast,

I've thought that an encrypted poem would suit for our day, no matter where you live around this Earthanium Matrix.

“Halloween in search for Stellar ” by Jeddak Luke

See the search of Halloween,
I think he's happy about his dream .

He finds it hard to see the fish,
Overshadowed by the good wish.

Who is observing the Ethereum?
I think he'd like to see Vibranium.

He is but an abstract authentication,
Admired as he sits upon a configuration.

His stomach needs a tasty hot-dog,
It needs no gas, it runs on smog.

He's not alone, she brings some food,
a lyon pet, and lots of jewls.

The lyon loves the acumen,
Especially one of a Stellar Lumen.

The Halloween shudders at the dumped market
He wants to leave but she wants the dash asset.

While we are sitting like my buddies Jedi Yoda, Father Time and R2D2 Knight and just watch the #crypto markets how their are playing their roles inside this matrix, i've thought that some music would suit for everyone's Sunday as well.


Therefore a composition on turkish ney would be perfect meditative moment, or a sacred prayer as well.

My Saba Saz Semaisi

Enjoy your Sunday #blurtians along with your Families.

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