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Solstice comes from the Latin word sol meaning “sun” and “sister” meaning “to stand still”. This year’s summer Solstice is Monday, June 21st. This is the time the north pole is tilted toward the sun. The sun is at its highest position in the northern hemisphere and this is the longest day of the year.

For my brother in Alaska this means the sun is in sight the whole day long. For those at the equator around Quito it is a 12 hour day. And for those in South America like Ushaia the capital of Tierra del Fuego it is the shortest day of the year about 7 hours long. Finally in the South Pole, darkness continues for 24 hours.

I live close to the 38th parallel in the Northern hemisphere and for us it is a 14 hour day with the sun rise at 5:11 am and the sun set at 7:56 pm.

It is one day to get the summer rolling. This day is also called midsummer and is the beginning of the heat that will follow in the northern hemisphere.

In Sweden the festival of midsummer is a major holiday in which the country closes down for celebration.

The celebration starts around noon when families and friends gather for picnics. They dance around the maypole. One of the dances is called The Little Frogs dance. People jump around the maypole pretending to be frogs. This seems to be an eye opening experience as the video below shows.

The festivities continue from lunch and drinks into late in the evening. In the evening there is a tradition that if someone collects seven different flowers and puts them under their pillow on Midsummer Eve then they will dream of their true love.

The Little Frog Dance

Here Comes the Sun

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