Music for Paranormal Day

in blurtmusic •  3 months ago 

How could I have missed Paranormal Day?

Well, try this supranormal mantra from the Tibetan Bon tradition.

I was looking for a Chod, but found this instead. Chod is a ritual for the dead, but is mainly practice for the living, as is traditionally done in cemeteries, or near corpses - to dispel one's own fears ;-) You won't find the truly paranormal if guided by fears of the imaginary.

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OMG! I didn't know this existed, it made my skin crawl at first. It's very interesting how they make those sounds and all that they represent.

Awesome. I love stumbling across these on YouTube... and now here on Blurt. Wonderful.

Was a find for me too as these are not monks, but rather a Russian band.
A video just cannot capture the frequencies hitting you in real life.

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