Addressing "RPCError: missing required active authority : Missing Active Authority xxxuser"

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One of the issues I encountered when I ran my witness was "RPCError: missing required active authority : Missing Active Authority xxxuser". Yesterday, @megadrive sent me a DM regarding an exchange encountering this error when creating withdrawals.

Although I had no time to replicate the issue, from the error message one can deduce that the cause is that the active key is missing. This post aims to address this issue by providing the steps to import your active key in cli_wallet.

1. Investigation

Since I don't run an exchange and don't have a machine capable of running one, I investigated existing docs to see the possible cause of this error. I checked Hive and Blurt's repositories and studied the steps for exchanges.

  1. Blurt Exchange Quickstart
  2. Hive Exchange Quickstart

On both quickstart guides, it didn't mention of importing any active key using cli_wallet. With the assumption that this caused (no step to indicate that the exchange should import it's active key) the error, let's proceed to the steps to import it.

2. Steps

After logging in to your server, the first steps is to run the cli wallet and unlock it. Let's issue the following commands:

  1. cli_wallet (or ./ wallet if you're using privex's Blurt Node-in-a-box).
  2. unlock "<wallet password>" (replace <wallet password> with your wallet's password; the double quotes are needed)

You now have an unlocked wallet. Let's now import our active key using the following command:

  1. import_key <active key> (replace <active password> with your exchange account's active key)

This last step is the one that's not indicated in the quick exchange guides mentioned above. Without such instruction, then it's highly probable that the exchange account will not be able to perform transfers.

@zahidsun created a tutorial on how to setup a witness node. Although it's for a witness node, the steps to import an active key in cli_wallet is the same. Video of the import_key starts from 3:40 (after unlocking your wallet).

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