#Blurtopian Analysis: Where is Blurt Now? A Blurt Blockchain Analysis

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A couple of weeks ago, @jacobgadikian requested for a Blurt dashboard. From what I know, that task is still open and comes with a 10,000 BLURT reward. ;)

Anyway, moving to the subject of this post. When I was still active on another platform, one of the things I did there was analyze data. Some of my works there were:

  1. Scaling the Utopian Bot Feasibility Study - Steemit Business Intelligence
  2. [Utopian Stats] Analyzing Utopian Moderation Time - Blockchain Business Intelligence
  3. [Utopian Stats] Analyzing Utopian Translation Moderation - Blockchain Business Intelligence

I enjoyed doing these analyses. As such I'd like to dig into BLURT's data and see a bigger picture of where it's at.

1. Approach

One of the issues I encountered when I pursued this interest was the availability of a query-able database. As such, the first step was to create such a DB.

The second was to come up with a plan. I believe in the saying "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." Or as one of my mentors, Dr. Daniel Razon, best said it:


The third was to set guidelines. I came up with two:

  1. Historical - I needed to see data that will give me a picture of where BLURT came from and where BLURT currently is
  2. Availability - I needed data that will be available to me any time - not one I needed to generate from a spreadsheet

With these three in place, I proceeded to the analysis proper.

2. Analysis

From the data, I saw that the bulk of transactions were votes and comments[1]. Let's look at the data.

[1] In blockchain language, posts are handled as comment transactions with their parent_author attribute set to blank. Here's a sample transaction.

2.1. Total Transactions by Type

[2] Data as of block number 1861665

Based on this table, total comments were 109880 followed by votes with 102586.

These data[2] included all operations (excluding virtual ones) from July 4th (which was the day that the first block was produced).

[Trivia] The first block post was this one by @ericet.

In the following chart, you'll see why comments exceeded votes.


Yes, on July 4 to 9, the chain was spammed by chickens (around 80000 of them). More than half of the total comment transactions in the table above!

But moving past those dates, we get a better and more accurate picture of BLURT's growth.

2.1.1. Comments History

Here's the data as of block 2250803. The top stacked bars on the chart are post comments. The bottom ones are root posts.


[3] Data as of block number 2250803

2.1.2. Votes History

And then lastly, let's look at the up-vote history.


[4] Data as of block number 2252457

3. Conclusion

The effort required to gather and extract these data were more than I expected. But generating this for the community (and of course the post author reward :D) was well worth it.

I wanted the data I presented above speak for itself, but to emphasize its meaning there's growth in BLURT.

As the mentor of my mentor practices, back-up what you say with evidence.

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Great job @eastmael!

Having your expert analysis Blurt is something that I've been looking forward to since I started getting active here in Blurt. I always wonder whether Blurt is really growing and you just brought us the answer with accuracy.

Thanks a lot for sharing these info.

Thanks @funtraveller, I enjoy doing these specially when you discover insights on what the data tells you. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they say. There were compelling reasons for me to do it. And they served me well. :)

Interesting contribution, I understand the images and how the curve is increasing after it managed to get out of spam.
I have a question, and I hope I understood and did the translation well;) Based on the above, how can an average user like me help blurt grow?
That is, the relationship of publications and comments is directly related to an increase in the curve of the graph.
I'd like to learn a bit about this topic, thank you in advance.
Good vibes.

Hello @angelica7, thank you for visiting and reading. And very important questions.

Based on the above, how can an average user like me help blurt grow?

Growth is a complex subject for me. The graphs above actually is just a start. For me, the next question we must answer is, up to what point do we want BLURT to grow?

But to answer your question, to contribute to BLURT's growth, just continue what you're doing which is engage with the community, create posts, and engage in posts. Promote blurt.

That is, the relationship of publications and comments is directly related to an increase in the curve of the graph.

Yes, you are right. The more publications and comments on BLURT, the increase in the curve of the above graphs. Both votes and comments.

How interesting, then if I could understand what you share in this post. I already add you to my personal base of publications to study later in a little more detail.
Well, as a small user, I do my best to welcome and provide support, before it was easier, we were few, but for some time now, my work has multiplied, I think I have not enough time to comment and support everyone, but that is a good indication, because we are growing and it encourages me.
Thank you for your work, dedication and contribution.
Good vibes.

Well, as a small user, I do my best to welcome and provide support, before it was easier, we were few, but for some time now, my work has multiplied, I think I have not enough time to comment and support everyone,

Yes, it's a tough job. We only have limited time, effort, and energy. But if we focus those on things that are important, things that we enjoy doing day in and day out, trust the process and what God can do, it is my hope that growth will naturally follow.

This is awesome, I can see the Blurt community activity growing in realtime, will there be a public endpoint for this for other developers to use?

Thank you. Yes, there will be. Once I've covered some more corner cases will create a separate post for it.

I love this type of analysis posts. I am planning to become more active on BLURT, especially after the recent developments that puts it ahead most of the competition. I still miss the free transactions of STEEM/HIVE. But there is still great potential in the project and I want it to succeed.

I see that you are a witness. You have my vote. Best of Luck!

Thank you for the feedback and the witness vote. There's still room for growth in BLURT both development and communities.

Having some nice DAPPs will certainly help. For an example, the biggest reason I'm still active on STEEM is because of @steemhunt

On the other hand there is a potential to attract more https://medium.com or https://substack.com type of content creators who are more interested in quality content and community.

Best of Luck!

Yes, I believe that DAPPs is in the horizon.

That is really great to know. Something like https://www.po.et would be an amazing addition to BLURT. Games are always fun too. I'm having a great time with @splinterlands CCG type games are perfect for a blockchain. But I understand that art and game balance can be quite difficult.

The lowest hanging fruit is gambling DAPPs. I think https://epicdice.io did a great job. I have made some good dividends thanks to @epicdice on STEEM &HIVE. Since all three chains share many similarities it shouldn't be too hard to get @epicdice to accept BLURT.


Blurt is growing @eastmael and I guess that it is God-sent platform for those who want something that could help them without hindrance and oppression.

Yes, it is indeed bro. Bro. @hiroyamagishi is already doing it in hive. :)

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Do you have a twitter account bro? I never knew that you are member too. @eastmael

It's https://twitter.com/eastmaels albeit I mostly use it for crypto related tweets.

I never knew that you are member too. @eastmael

Since 2007 with God's help. :)

You could do something like steem-sql and hive-sql. A blurt-sql could be something useful. I'm guessing that's probably sort of what you did in order to analyze the data.

Thanks. I thought of doing it that way but decided not to because of the MERN tech-stack my template project uses. Feel free to build blurt-sql though. I believe having various services like blurt-nosql and blurt-sql will benefit the community as a whole rather than on one service.

The data looks really great. Blurt is growing slowly and soon there will be a lot more.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you. I just hope the community is ready for the challenge that comes with growth.

This news make me more enthusiast to buy more and more Blurt and power them up. Thank you @eastmael

Hahaha. Same here. Excited to share the news as well. :)

this statistisc shows that blurt is growing day by day. that's prettty nice to enjoy

You are correct. Good observations.

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The beauty of it is the growth
people are getting into Blurt
That is a delightful news
You put a lot of effort there
Hatz off to you
keep up
Happy weekend!
Blurt On!

Thank you. I had a nice weekend. Hope you have/had a good one as well.

You have created a nice representation here. I see the growth in comments and votes.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. And good observations as well.

To be honest I didn't thought the pay per use could be so "interesting". I am watching...

Same here. I never thought something good would come out of pay-per-use. Glad I was wrong. :)

This is very good news for Blurt. I pray, long live Blurt.

Yes indeed it's good news.