Blurtopian Dev: Blurtkey Progress Update - 2021/07/18

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This is my weekly progress report for Blurtkey. I decided to connect my Android device instead of the simulator because of the latter's frequent crashing.

I was able to resolve the blocker I mentioned in my previous report of not being able to import using an existing account.


1. Replace other icons / images with Blurt

There are a lot of places where icons need to be replaced. I'm just replacing them as I see them on the pages I visit.

2. Fix the Import Existing Account

This was the blocker I mentioned in the introduction of this post. I basically replaced the client RPC URL with Blurt's.

3. Codes

Codes are available in Blurt's repository:


Right now, I'm encountering further crashes because of removal of some functions related to HBD and getting the USD price of Blurt via Bittrex API.

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