#Blurtopian Development: Introducing bi.blurt-now.com (Blurt Business Intelligence)

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Last week, I posted a basic analysis showcasing the growth in Blurt votes and comments. In this post, I'm sharing a new chart - the blurt vote map.


1. Background

In coordination with @megadrive, I developed the tool to provide founders and concerned community members with a tool to help manage the chain.


2. Features

This aims to provide a walkthrough of the site's pages.

2.1. Blurt Votes Summary

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This page aims to provide an overview of the growth in vote activity. The highest was on September 22 with 6,838 votes.

2.2. Votes By Account

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Want to see who voted most in the chain? Then this chart's for you. From October 15 to October 22, the account which had the most votes was @jlufer which casted 423 votes.

2.3. Blurt Posts and Comments Summary

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This was one of the charts I shared in the previous analysis. It summarizes the number of posts and comments on the chain. The most posts and comments was on October 11 with 932 comments and 788 posts.

2.4. Blurt Account Votes Network

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Given a date range, you'll get a visual of the accounts you voted for the votes these accounts casted. Fun right? :D

2.5. Votes Table

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Want to see who voted for you most? Then this chart's for you. In the table above, I received 41 votes from October 15 to 22.

3. Repository

The project's still on its early stage and there are still a couple of bugs I found. Only front-end or client is open-sourced for now.


4. Feedback and Comments

Please feel free to create a ticket in the project's repository or leave a comment in this post.

5. Credits

Thanks to @megadrive and @jacobgadikian for this project.

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It is a very good tool again from you @eastmael and it gives us a wide view of data here in #blurt community if we need it for our purposes. ;D

Thank you. It's the least I can do for blurt.

Excellent data visualization tool, these are the things that give value to blurtchain.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

A really great work!

Thank you. Took around 2 weeks to develop. :)

What a good tool for managing and displaying votes in our accounts. It is very useful for me, since I see where I have to apply myself to give more votes to my colleagues. Great job!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thank you @eastmael, you do excellent work as always!

Thank you @megadrive. Just contributing where I can to move the chain forward.

I absolutely love this development. I'm sure you will keep adding more features. I would really love to see something that can act like https://steemworld.org or https://hivetasks.com for BLURT. Basically I would love to see a one stop solution get developed for all BLURT needs.

Best of Luck!

Thanks for the feedbacks @vimukthi. I'll look into these and see which one to pursue.

Hey @eastmael,
@crokkon here with my alt. How cool to see both Utopian and BI/Analysis revived on Blurt! :D
This tool looks a whole lot of work, kudos!! Is this a Blurt-only development, or do you plan a cross-chain implementation?

Hello @stmdev, nice to see you on blurt. Thank you for the feedback.

Due to the resources needed to run the services, its only available on BLURT. If there's demand and financial support to run it on other chains, I'm open to run it on other chains.

Great work, added to Useful Blurt Links.

Thank you. Appreciate the help.

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You can request a vote every 12 hours from the #getupvote channel in the official Blurt Discord.Don't wait to join ,lots of good stuff happening there.

Good job...

Thank you.

Thats very good work. Keep up this work...

Thank you.

that's so good, thanks.