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This is a new page to Blurt Now's Business Intelligence. For the previous update, please refer to this post.

1. Background

It's been a couple of weeks since a request for this analysis was raised. I remember the post make it to trending but I could no longer trace back from whom.

Just this week, @megadrive sent me a DM asking if it's possible to create a chart highlighting the amount that Blurt foundation curation accounts hold compared to non-curation accounts. Hopefully, this helps in answering inquiries from stakeholders.

2. Feature/s


Similar to the site's other pages, this page has parameters depending on the base total to use. Until a better name comes, let's call this page Curation vs Non-Curation Accounts Stake Distribution Chart.

From the name, I hope that it gives the hint that its objective is to help anyone visualize the current distribution of vested stake (Blurt Power) in relation to an account category - active curation account, active non-curation account, or inactive account.

Let's look at these options.

2.1. Page Inputs


Total Vests1. Global Total Vested
2. Active Accounts
BlankOption to select which accounts will be considered for total vests.
When set to Global Total Vested, total_vesting_shares returned by getDynamicGlobalProperties is considered as base total.
When set to Active Accounts, only stakes of accounts which have voted for the x number of days (next input option) is considered for the base total.
Days Active
(For Active Accounts only)
1 to x days30The number of the days the program will look back to consider if an account is active1 or not.
1: An account is considered active when it has casted a vote in the specified period
(For Active Accounts) only
1. Curation
2. Non-Curation
3. Inactive
Curation, Non-Curation are checkedAs mentioned previously, these checkboxes specifies which accounts you would like the chart to display.

Let's look at these options in action.

2.2. Total Vests - Global Total Vested


Based on the chart above, we can see that the vested stake of the curation accounts is around 17% of the global vested stake.

2.3. Total Vests - Active Accounts


The chart above includes all accounts - active curation accounts, active non-curation accounts, and inactive.

Based on the chart above, curation accounts hold 18% of vested stake, non-curation accounts hold 17.8%, while inactive accounts hold 64% of vested stake.

3. Repository

The project's available in blurt's openblurt repository.


4. Feedback and Comments

Please feel free to leave a comment for suggestions and recommendations.

5. Credits

Thanks to @megadrive and @jacobgadikian for this project.

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I tried the new features and they are great. I can't think of any major additions. You can always make the UI look better. It's sad to see so much BLURT not being used. But on the bright side , my vote is bigger and I get more curation returns.

Thank you for your hard work, Best of Luck!

Thank you for the feedback. Yup, I agree that there's room for improvement for the UI. Will get to it once all the services I plan to put into it is in place.

I didn't know there was that much unused stake, but as you said, it makes our votes higher.

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