Blurtopian Development Task: Blurt Dashboard - 10000 BLURT Reward

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Yesterday, @jacobgadikian sent a message in BLURT's discord server regarding a task for a BLURT dashboard. This development task aims to provide details on the task to somehow give the willing contributor some headstart to accomplish this task.

1. Task Details

From @jacobgadikian's message, what he wants included in the dashboard are:

  • Posts per time period
  • Transactions by type
  • Total amount powering down
  • Any other information befitting a dashboard

According to him, the objective of having these information is to monitor blurt's network growth over time.

2. Approach/Task Analysis

If I were to take on this task, my approach would be:

  1. Identify the critical information needed to use as metric to measure growth
  2. Look for existing STEEM/HIVE dashboards to use as reference
  3. Draw a sample dashboard by hand
  4. Proceed with coding/implementation simultaneously with research
    1. Research on which BLURT api to use to extract the needed information
    2. Research how to generate a chart from the data extracted

3. Definition of Done

When successfully done, the contributor will receive two rewards - 10000 $BLURT from @jacobgadikian, and a 700 $BLURT upvote from @blurtopian.

3.1. To Receive the 10000 $BLURT Reward

Please directly inquire with @jacobgadikian on the criteria to receive the reward.

3.2. To Receive the Blurtopian Upvote (700 $BLURT)

As mentioned in @blurtopian's introductory post, to be eligible for an upvote, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Create a BLURT post
  2. Use #blurtopian and #development tags
  3. Include a link to the repository of your open-source project that includes the contribution

4. Repository

You can choose to upload your project in BLURT's openblurt gitlab group:

If you need upload/push right to the group's repository, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here or message me in BLURT's discord.

5. Ticket

For testing purposes of blurtopian project, a 100 BLURT will be automatically sent to your account when the following ticket is closed:

6. Reference

  1. Check out @penguinpablo's daily stats
  2. Check dashboard from
  3. Check Hive/Blurt Developer API documentation on which api to use to extract the data needed for the statistics to display

7. Others

This post will be shared in Blurtopian's social accounts:

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I hope that more devs would participate to #blurtopian-task and help develop more tools for the Blurt community.

That's the idea. I'm hoping to get some of my colleagues join the platform. More devs/people joining and contributing means growth for BLURT.

Good plan! At this stage of Blurt, more Devs are needed to help expand the use-case of this chain aside from blogging.

Although I already enjoy blogging here in Blurt, I feel that there are other users who are looking for Dapps (especially games) to boost their motivation to join Blurt.

Awesome. Followed on Twitter too.

Thank you. Appreciated.

i am really happy to come across this post

I'm happy you're happy you found the post.