Blurtopian Registered as a Business Name

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I have no experience in building a business, but Blurt prompted me to try and create one. Actually, I have no idea what it means to have a business. I just wanted to build one. And one step towards that goal is to register a business name.


Last October 2020, I finally went forward and registered Blurtopian as a business name. Actually, the official business name registered was BLURTOPIAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. I chose this name since I do actually offer I.T. services, and if ever the business will do move forward, it's the line of services I'll be able to offer.

In addition to this, approved my account as an enterprise account. The reason I opted to upgrade it is for accounting purposes.

This is just the start of my journey.

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congratulations for the start and the road to come.

Thank you very much. I never wouldn't have started this because of Blurt and its friendly community.

Congratulations on this new step, it's great that Blurt has inspired you to create your business, I wish you a lot of success. This is just the beginning.

Thank you very much. I retained Blurt in its name to remind me of where it started. :)

A journey that will give you a different perspective not only about your life but about the way you drive the business and get dividends from it. Success and best wishes.

Thank you very much. I do hope to be able to give back to the community that helped and inspired me to do it.

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Wow, dear friend is the beginning of great opportunities, these things are the ones I inspire Blurt, I love reading this news.
Congratulations and that it is of multiple joys for you.
Good vibes.

Congrats man!

Someday, Blurtopian could be your main source of income as it grows together with this community.

Good job! Thanks for taking it seriously. All the best.