Witness Update : Blurt HF 7

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As reminded by @rycharde regarding roles of witnesses:

The role of a witness in the Blurt Blockchain is to verify incoming transactions, produce blocks when scheduled, participate in governance. In addition to this, there is a formal expectation that Witnesses advocate for the Blurt blockchain, review software, and build the Blurt community.

This is to inform that I've updated my witness to HF 7.

Details of the hardfork was mentioned by @saboin in his post.

I just encountered the issue that I can't disable my witness when I tried to upgrade. As @megadrive hinted, it may have been caused by issuing commands on an old hard fork against a new hardfork (Blurt already forked to HF7 when I upgraded).

on an old fork any commands you issue have no effect on the new network

New or Upcoming Projects

I just would like to give updates on the development tasks on my plate right now.

1. Blurt New Front-End

Honestly, I want to have an alternative front-end to condenser. And the closest I was able to get or see (which worked) and open-source was busy's. Other front-ends operating on Steem or Hive are either closed-source (leofinance or peakd) or hard to maintain and operate (e.g., ecency).

The latest I was able to get to this front-end was to get it to work and retrieve posts from the chain. However, I stopped when I couldn't modify the codes for it to work with whalevault (busy's codes login uses steemconnect).

So for this project, it's currently on hold. For anyone who want to continue the work, the codes are availabe in Blurt't openblurt repository:


2. Mobile Keychain

@megadrive also suggested for me to look into a mobile-based keychain.


I started looking into it and was able to run it locally. The next steps for this project is to modify the codes and replace all hive-based commands, apis, dependencies into their Blurt counterpart. The only problem here is that some of Blurt's dependencies may not work as is. As such the duration of the project will depend mainly if things will work after a simple find and replace.

3. Megadrive (RasPi )

I've purchased a Raspi a few months back but I haven't really used it and it was unboxed all this time.

I've managed to assemble and sync the chain. However, the next steps of operating my witness from there with a backup from a VPS-based witness is yet to be done.

For anyone interested in running their witness from a Raspi, here's the documentation forwarded to me by dotwin.

@eastmael's Witness Projects

Find my contributions valuable? Please consider voting for my witness:



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Great work. Voted for your Witness...

Thank you. Appreciated.

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