Another experiment through my stop motion footage of a #blurtlego Ninjago minifigure ...

in blurtter •  2 months ago 

Today, i've thought to give it a try to take a footage of #blurtlego minigure of a master Ninjago, but this time, without using a lego board, which made it much interesting to create the video, mainly, because the balance of a minifigure, on a simple table, might be interesting to be set ...

Somehow, through a circle of more than 10 photos :) i've created this footage:

Hope you'll enjoy it and soon as i'll start to feel much more confident with this craft that i've dicovered recently, i'll start the true journey, adding also my #blurtmusic inside my videos ...

Ciao a tutti!

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Ha ha .... awesome... just need music and sound effects