website maintenance is completed.

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The website maintenance is to remove external API links to the condenser code. When the external API shut-down, the website goes down too. To correct these dependencies, I have to remove them from the condenser code so it will be independent, to make it simpler to create a website that connects to the Blurt blockchain and continue to develop to make it better.

I was able to test and retest, it seems all functionality is working fine. This post is actually using the updated condenser code.

Please visit website, if you find any bugs or error please use the comment down below.

The condenser code is an open source and available for everyone to use. You can find the official copy here:
Please wait for a couple of hours to push my updates.

I encourage everyone to test, code and continue to improve it. Better for Blurt community.

Thank you for using Blurt.

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Hi, thanks for your work!
The mentions (notifications) unfortunately do not work.

My priority is to remove dependencies to external resources, making it independent so others will be able to build their own copy of condenser.

Then, I hope other developers will step up and add features to the open source project. And hopefully will stand on it's own where the community will drive advancement to the product.

Ah, ok, thank you very much for your answer!

I think that's a sustainable path that we can build on. I appreciate your work very much and am glad that you bring the Blurt forward.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Excellent. Working for me from here

As always, thank you for your support.

Greetings friend witness. Thanks for that great job, I use right now to comment, everything has worked well for me so far.

Thank you, keep in touch.

OMG awesome! I've to admit that since I arrive Blurt I get really familiar with blurtworld so I was really sad because of the fact that I couldn't use it like always!

Thank you so much for all the effort that you're doing to recover that awesome frontend, I really appreciate it!

Let's keep growing!

Thank you. The plan is to make it easy for the developer to join and expand the features of the condenser.

Yeah, it is working.Good job! Thank you

You are very welcome.

Thanks for supporting Blurt, the platform needs a lot of developers like you. You are an important element, thank you for making it possible and for being alert at all times. 🥰☺️

I agree we need more developers.

That's great news @yehey and it seems to be working fine on my Firefox Browser at the moment √

  • Well done √