back-end glitch.

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We recently upgraded our servers to support and service the growth of our community. Last night around 8:15 pm EST we had emergency maintenance due to the back-end RPC not able to service our front-end websites.

Unschedule Outage:
Jan 14, 8:15pm EST to Jan 15, 3:00pm EST.

I don’t have the technical details as of this time but I will share it with you once I have it, hopefully the non-technical version of the report.

One thing for sure, we have plenty of room to make it better.

Thank you for your support.

UPDATE: 20200115 3:34pm EST
Getting an error.

Error: Invalid hex string.

When I troubleshoot this bug, the RPC is pointing to, not able to complete the post.
When I test it on another front-end server that uses the “Invalid hex string” does not show up and able to post.

So we have a bug to fix.

Testing to edit using web01. It shows "TypeError: Invalid hex string."

Testing to edit using web02. No error.

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<div class"text-justify> Regards. Blurt is a young chain that is growing well, with a little patience it will get to what it wants, but I still believe in Blurt, so go ahead and I think that many more believe that there is a lot of future ahead. Thank you for offering information and I am always attentive to know the news.

Credit to our tech guru @jacobgadikian

Awesome work.... again.

As always. Thank you.

Thank you for the update. I was concerned last night and this morning there had been another hack.

In the short time I've been here I'm understanding more how much you do here.

Thank you for that as well. Godspeed working the bug out, and appreciate you getting this front end back up while you figure it out.

Not out of the wood yet but improving.
Still fixing some bug,

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Oh I see, It was working few minutes back, but after few minutes as of typing this comment the BLOG page is down again, while the wallet page is working. I hope my power up will not be affected.

comment using front end

Thanks for the update @yehey.

everything seems okay nnow on .world

so I wonder what it was.....

hey @yehey
Tried posting via an hour ago and couldn't. The page was not loading. So I tried, and they did load the page.

However, is already working right now. This comment is via

Excited to bounce back online. Kudos to you for your efforts.

Blurt to the moon 2021🌙

working now it's fine on my end @yehey, thanks for the hard work.