web servers upgraded.

in blurtworld •  3 months ago 

I upgraded our web servers to support the growth of our community.
Faster servers with lots of memory, and easy to scale to bigger machines. Load balance service provides fault tolerance and access to the nearest data center.

We welcome everyone, no restriction, no bias, absolute liberty and freedom of speech. You can use BLURT to communicate with your followers, friends and communities.


As you know by now Twitter is officially suspended @realDonalTrump account.
Parler shutdown by Google, Apple and Amazon.

Come join to have your freedom back!

If you found any web error, security vulnerability, website bugs, and other web related security issues please let us know. The community will resolve it right away.


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Excellent work, the one our favorite witness does, thanks for the improvements. Greetings and always forward Blurt, attentive to any error and I will let you know, in case I stumble upon one.

Thank you and keep in touch.

Kudos for your tireless efforts toward getting BLURT to its desired heights. We appreciate you.

BLURT to the moon 2021!
I stand with BLURT!

Thank you starryking.

I'm also using for my email address :)

Many thanks for your great contribution to Blurt.

You're welcome. Freedom and Unity for all.

Wow thanks for your hardwork @yehey, more power, Blurt to the Moon.

Salamat kabayan, blurt is a good alternative to twitter.

Will start to be active here too. 😍 More power to blurt! 😊

Cheers to you fycee.

Thank you 😊

Thanks for your great work. Blurt on!!!