Service interruption for @Blurtlink service (Feb3 ) due to Hive-Engine maintenance schedule.

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For your situational awareness.

Schedule maintenance this coming week due to Hive-Engine maintenance.

Gateway affected are:
@blurtlink blurt to hive, withdraw and deposit.
@blurtcoin blurt to steem, withdraw and deposit.
@wlslink wls to hive, withdraw and deposit.
And all other tokens at hive-engine.

Announcement posted at Hive-Engine discord by @cryptomancer “We will be performing a back-end node upgrade this upcoming Wednesday Feb. 3 at 1 am UTC, in order to prepare for the launch of our p2p witness system. During the upgrade all back-end services, including withdrawals & deposits, will be suspended. More details in this post:

I will post an update when it’s completed. Just in case you send your transaction without reading this maintenance schedule, don’t worry the service will resume and process all pending transactions.

Thank you,

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Thank you for informing about this @yehey.

You're welcome.

Greetings friend. I will be pending and I will tell some friends, so they know this information.


Thank you for the information and warning to us.

You're welcome.

Thanks @yehey

Thanks for always being so attentive.

Thank you.

Thank you for your daily work! Be healthy and happy!
I wish you patience and enthusiasm...

Many thanks for this important information!

Greetings Michael