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Hello @yehey
I had transferred my blurt to @blurtcoin for transfer to steem-engine, but the transaction has still not been carried out. It has been 4 days, can you help please.

The transfer will completed within 10 seconds. You don't have to wait for 4 days.
No worries, let me know the following so I can check.

Thank you,

I wanted to transfer it to my Steem-engine wallet.
Recipient is @blurtcoin
Amount 2400
I have done it in the past and not faced this issue.
Thank you for your support @yehey

Thank you

Sorry for the delay. I transferred your account, please check your wallet.

Thank you yehey. I finally got around to making some witness votes yesterday, and you were one of 7 I believe I voted for. I appreciate how much time and work you dedicate to the project and those of us in the community. I appreciate more that you communicate with us on what you do. I often have had a hard time voting for witnesses in my years on social blockchain as most never communicate with us and I believe set it and forget it.

Greetings Mr. Witness. I do see the picture. Now I'm curious about the token. Where can I find it? on Hive Engine or Steem Engine?


Oh thanks, I thought I was blocked or something! Great idea! Why are some of my post titles grey?

Thank you!

" we are making Blurt World a better social network in the world."

I believe and trust in that. My best wishes ....