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among other flaws , which by the way are many, i have a passion for coins, collectible coins
if you follow me ,you must remember some posts i uploaded through leofinance during the past
speaking of collectible i bumped on an article about a really collectible gold coin
not like the ones i have already written about
a collectible coin to the bone! (Greek expression)
i know quite a few people who could kill to acquire something like that

image taken from edition.cnn.com

the actual size of this coin is pretty small, about 2 cm in diameter but its not the size nor the gold that makes it unique!
what it makes it unique is the history, that coin holds and what it represents!

it is known as the Julius Caesar ‘Assassination Coin’
they say that it was minted in 42 BC, which is 2 years after Julius Caesar was assasinated
so we are talking about a coin of 2000 years in age
look at the pictures
see how well preserved stayed over so many years, it is remarkable!

actually it is alleged that Brutus himself issued the coin in order to celebrate! the assassination of his father (ok some of you, will say that we don't know if Julius Caesar was indeed the father of Brutus but this is another post)

today as we speak, there only 3 coins alive!
when we refer to rarity, i believe this is what we mean

image taken from dia-designs.com

on the front side of the coin we see a portrait of Marcus Junius Brutus while at the back side there are two daggers and the EID-MAR inscription which in Latin refers to the Ides of March, the 15th of March the date Caesar was assassinated

what a f*cker Brutus was, he made a commemorative coin and went public saying i am the one who killed my father! ...crazy years,there's nothing more to say!

image taken from dia-designs.com

now lets get to the juicy part, i think we had enough with the coin's details
and there is nothing more juicy than the price of it
it was sold for $4.2 millions!!!
yes this is the price it was auctioned
i found on another source another price of $3.5 millions
most probably the auction was in a very very close circle and nobody knows the actual price of it but you can consider that this is a bit expensive for us

from my point of view definitely it is worth the money
when i hear that another pr i ck went and spend $69 millions on a stupid NFT, actually on a f*cken algorithm , a bunch of metadata or what ever NFT is i totally understand someone to go spend $4 millions to acquire a real, live ,2000 years of age gold-coin

you see in the Era of Brutus there were no NFTs
so Brutus thought " hmmm there is no NFTs to mint, let me go then, mint a coin and lets see what the value of it will be in 2000 years from now! early adopters can get it by 50% discount! "

PS i don't know about you reading the post but i had a lot of fun while i was writing it

sources edition.cnn.com dia-designs.com

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